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Freezer Ambulance Service in Dhaka. The freezer van is the best to move the dead body. It has a frozen box in it. It helps to keep fresh the dead body. When you need to move or save the dead body then contact Us.

Dead body freezing Ambulance service

Freezer Ambulance Service

The Freezing Ambulance Service in Dhaka is a specialized emergency medical unit equipped to provide critical care in extreme cold conditions. It operates in regions where freezing temperatures and harsh weather pose challenges to standard ambulance services.

The service is tailored to handle the temperature of the Ambulance. The freezer van is the best way to the dead body carry or transport.

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1. Window

2. Strechar

3. Expert driver

4. 24/7 Support

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The dead body carrier freezer Ambulance Service in Dhaka

The dead body carrier freezer ambulance services a crucial role in the dignified and efficient transportation of deceased individuals. This specialized ambulance is equipped with facilities and features designed to preserve the integrity of the body during transit, particularly in cold environments. 24-hour best freezer Ambulance Service is Available in all of Dhaka city.

With insulated compartments and temperature-controlled settings, the freezing ambulance maintains a suitable environment to prevent decomposition and deterioration of the body. This ensures that the deceased can be transported safely and respectfully to their final destination, whether it be a mortuary, funeral home, or other designated facility.

Dead Body Carrier Frozen Ambulance in Dhaka

In Dhaka, the premier dead body carrier frozen ambulance service stands out for its commitment to dignified and efficient transportation of deceased individuals. Equipped with state-of-the-art preservation facilities, highly trained personnel, and a reputation for reliability, it ensures respectful transit and preservation of bodies until reaching their final destination.

It serves as a trusted choice for funeral homes, hospitals, and families in Dhaka. When you need to long time to save the dead body, or Move from one place to Another then contact Us.

Use freezer Van, Save the Dead  Body

Facilities of freezing Ambulance


Long time to save the dead body


It has a frozen box in the ambulance


Windows of Ambulance


Light facilities to see the dead body from outside


Strecher is Available

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Freezing Ambulance

Details of freezing Ambulance

The freezing ambulance, also known as the cold ambulance or cold chain ambulance, is a specialized vehicle designed to transport the dead body. who require medical attention while maintaining a controlled temperature environment, typically in freezing conditions.

Here are the key details about freezing ambulances

Purpose: Freezing ambulances are primarily used in regions with extremely cold climates or during severe winter weather conditions where standard ambulances may struggle to maintain a suitable temperature for patients and medical supplies. If you need to transport the dead body then contact freezer ambulance providers.

Temperature Control: Freezing ambulances are equipped with heating systems to regulate the temperature inside the vehicle. This ensures that patients remain comfortable and that medical equipment and medications are kept at the appropriate temperature for optimal effectiveness.

Transport of Critical dead body/ lash: These ambulances are often used to transport critically dead bodies. The controlled temperature environment helps stabilize the body’s conditions and prevent further deterioration during transport.

Overall, freezing ambulances play a critical role in providing emergency medical services in extremely cold environments, ensuring that the dad body receives timely and appropriate care, even in the most challenging conditions.


What is the freezing Ambulance?

The freezing ambulance is a dead body carrier Ambulance. It’s designed to operate in freezing temperatures. It has a freezer box, Lighting facilities, Streechar, and windows. it’s called a dead body carrier Ambulance.

Why is the freezer Ambulance used?

The freezer ambulance is used to save, and transport the dead body with temperatures. General temperatures are (-05, -20, -22).

How can book a freezer ambulance?

You can book a freezing ambulance or freezer van by calling the official Helpline: 01627-669222

How long are available the Ambulance?

24/7 Available. We are always ready to provide service.